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Student Accomplishments


2020: Micah Summers, an undergraduate philosophy major, and I have a co-authored paper, 'Two New Doubts About Simulation Arguments' forthcoming with Australasian Journal of Philosophy. The paper emerged from ideas we explored in an Independent Study course on the simulation hypothesis. Summers is now in Florida State University's philosophy PhD program. 

2007: Paul Fryfogle published a paper, 'Defense of Rawls: Reply to Brock', in the undergraduate philosophy journal Res Cogitans. The paper emerged from a term-paper in my International Justice course.

Ethics Bowl & Bioethics Bowl Teams


Fall 2017: National Qualifiers

My students Selena Little, Ann Margaret Kennedy, Ioana Zanchi, Tiffany Maziarz, Olivia DeScala, and Rahal Wijewardene finished in 2nd place at the Southeast Regional Ethics Bowl competition, advancing to the National Competition in March 2018.

Spring 2017: Champions!

My students Nzinga Lowe and Rahal Wijewardene went undefeated, winning the championship of the first Southeast Regional Bioethics Bowl, held at University of South Alabama.


Fall 2015: National Qualifiers

My students Ulixes Hawili, Connor Cloherty, Liv DeScala, and Nick Braganca went 3-1 at the Southeast Regional Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl competition, qualifying University of Tampa for the Nationals for the third time in the past four years.

Fall 2014: Champions!

My students Ulixes Hawili, Nicole Pacheco, Connor Cloherty, and Sarah Parker (below) won the Southeast Regional Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl Championship, going undefeated with 5 straight wins. See the video of our final round win over US Naval Academy below!

2013: National Qualifiers

The Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl team I coach came in 2nd place in the Southeast Regional Competition and traveled to compete in the National Competition in San Antonio.

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