Areas of Specialization: Ethics, Social-Political Philosophy, Metaphysics.

Areas of Competence: Cognitive Science, Philosophy of Science.

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University of Tampa

Associate Professor of Philosophy (tenured) - March 2018-present.

Department Chair - June 2018-present.

Assistant Professor of Philosophy (tenure-track) - 2015-18.

Assistant Professor of Philosophy (non-tenure-track) - 2009-15.

University of British Columbia

Assistant Professor without Review (non-tenure-track) - 2008-9.



University of Arizona - PhD in Philosophy, Cognitive Science Minor, December 2008.

    - Dissertation: "A Non-Ideal Theory of Justice."

    - Committee: Thomas Christiano, Gerald Gaus, Michael Gill.

Syracuse University - PhD program, 1999-2001.

Tufts University - B.A. in Philosophy and Psychology/Clinical, Magna Cum Laude​, 1998.


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Encyclopedia Entries

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Invited Publications

  1. (2013). Nonideal Justice and a Decent Health Care Minimum. APA Newsletter on Philosophy and Medicine.

Publications in Popular Press

  1. (2015). "The Peer-to-Peer Simulation Hypothesis and a New Theory of Free Will", Scientia Salon.

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Awards and Other Distinctions

2021-22. Research Innovation and Scholarly Excellence (RISE) Award, Faculty Grant, University of Tampa (project title: ‘Prudence, Morality, and Justice: A Unified Theory of Business Ethics’).

2017. Excellence in Teaching Award, College of Arts & Letters, University of Tampa.

2015. Co-winner, Joseph Ellin Memorial Prize for Best Paper, 9th Annual Meeting of the Lighthearted Philosophers’ Association.

2014. Charm Quark Winner (third-place), 3 Quarks Daily Philosophy Blogging Award (judged by Huw Price).

2012. Selected Participant, NEH Summer Seminar, "Liberty, Equality, and Justice: Philosophical Problems in Domestic and Global Contexts", Washington University in St. Louis.

2010. Selected Participant, Yale Experiment Month Initiative - sponsored by the APA, coordinated by Yale Cognitive Science.